Dr. T.J. Litwinska-Kemperink 
Home - Structural interpretation of 3D and 2D seismic
  data sets in time or depth

- Gridding, Mapping and Contouring

- Velocity Analysis and Time to Depth
- Stratigraphic Interpretation of seismic data

- Seismic Attributes

- 3D Visualization

- Generation of synthetic seismograms, wavelet generation, log editing
  and log conversion routines

- Evaluation of Russian, French or Polish data written in original language

- Interpretation of gravity and magnetic measurements

- Data loading and back-up formats: SEGY, ASCII, SMT Kingdom,
  Landmark, Geoframe, ISPoo3

Software (exclusively most recent releases)

- Kingdom Suite (SMT)
- SeisWorks (Landmark)
- OpendTect (dGB)
- GeoFrame (Schlumberger)
- ISPoo3 (Atos Origin)


- Interpretation of salt structures (domes, overhangs), floaters, fault
  correlation and mapping, seismic attributes, especially for detection of   channels and changes of lithology; use of sonic logs, check shots,   synthetic seismograms and VSPs; seismic velocity determination;
  time mistie analysis;

- Interpretated geological areas: North and South Germany,
  The Netherlands, North Sea, Caspian Basin, Algeria, Tunisia, Venezuela.

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