Dr. T.J. Litwinska-Kemperink 
Home - Time-depth conversion of migrated 3D-data using   CHARISMA (Schlumberger) module InDepth:
  vertical depth stretching of a layer cake model

- Time-depth conversion of 3D data (vertical depth   stretching, normal-ray or image-ray map migration   with fault move) and 2D data   with cross dip   correction using ISPoo3
- Determination of seismic average or interval velocities from check shots or   sonic logs using different functions

- Calculation of interval velocities from RMS velocities based on DIX formula

- Construction of velocity maps

- Plotting of final depth and velocity maps, cross sections; preparation of

- Explanatory notes on geophysical, geological and bore hole data provided
  by clients may be in English, German, Dutch, French, Polish, Russian or   Italian. Technical reports are written in English, German, Dutch, Polish,   or Russian.

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